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SeqDriver Class Reference

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Public Slots

void jackShutdown ()
void runQueue (bool)
void sendGroove ()
void setForwardUnmatched (bool on)
void setGrooveLength (int)
void setGrooveTick (int)
void setGrooveVelocity (int)
void setMidiControllable (bool on)
void setPortUnmatched (int id)
void setQueueTempo (int bpm)
void setUseJackTransport (bool on)
void setUseMidiClock (bool on)


void controlEvent (int ccnumber, int channel, int value)
void jackShutdown (bool)
void midiEvent (snd_seq_event_t *ev)
void noteEvent (int note, int velocity)

Public Member Functions

void get_time ()
int getAlsaClientId ()
int getPortCount ()
void initArpQueue ()
bool isModified ()
void registerPorts (int num)
void run ()
 SeqDriver (QList< MidiArp * > *p_midiArpList, QList< MidiLfo * > *p_midiLfoList, QList< MidiSeq * > *p_midiSeqList, QWidget *parent=0)
void setModified (bool)
void setQueueStatus (bool run)

Public Attributes

bool forwardUnmatched
int grooveLength
int grooveTick
int grooveVelocity
int portUnmatched
bool runArp
bool runQueueIfArp
bool trigByKbd
bool use_jacksync
bool use_midiclock

Private Member Functions

void calcMidiRatio ()
int deltaToTick (snd_seq_real_time_t curtime)
void initSeqNotifier ()
const snd_seq_real_time_t * tickToDelta (int tick)

Private Attributes

int clientid
snd_seq_real_time_t delta
bool gotKbdTrig
int internal_tempo
snd_seq_real_time_t jack_offset
int jack_offset_tick
jack_position_t jpos
int lastKbdTick
int lastLfoTick [20]
int lastSeqTick [20]
QVector< LfoSamplelfoData
int lfoMinPacketSize
int lfoPacketSize [20]
double m_ratio
bool midi_controllable
QList< MidiArp * > * midiArpList
QList< MidiLfo * > * midiLfoList
QList< MidiSeq * > * midiSeqList
int midiTick
bool modified
int nextEchoTick
int nextLfoTick
int nextNoteTick [20]
int nextSeqTick
int portCount
int portid_in
int portid_out [MAX_PORTS]
int queue_id
snd_seq_real_time_t real_time
int schedDelayTicks
snd_seq_t * seq_handle
QVector< SeqSampleseqData
int seqMinPacketSize
int seqPacketSize [20]
bool startQueue
int tempo
bool threadAbort
int tick
snd_seq_real_time_t tmptime

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file seqdriver.h.

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