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MidiLfo Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Slots

void copyToCustom ()
void resetFramePtr ()
void resizeAll ()
void setCustomWavePoint (double, double, bool)
void setMuted (bool)
void setMutePoint (double, bool)
void updateAmplitude (int)
void updateCustomWaveOffset (int)
void updateFrequency (int)
void updateOffset (int)
void updateQueueTempo (int)
void updateWaveForm (int val)

Public Member Functions

void getData (QVector< LfoSample > *lfoData)
void getNextFrame (QVector< LfoSample > *p_lfoData)
bool toggleMutePoint (double)

Public Attributes

int amp
int ccnumber
int channelOut
QVector< LfoSamplecustomWave
int cwmin
int freq
bool hold
bool isMuted
QVector< bool > muteMask
int offs
int portOut
int res
int size
int waveFormIndex

Private Member Functions

int clip (int value, int min, int max, bool *outOfRange)

Private Attributes

int frameptr
int lastMouseLoc
int lastMouseY
QVector< LfoSamplelfoData
double queueTempo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file midilfo.h.

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