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MidiArp Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Slots

void clearNoteBuffer ()
void purgeLatchBuffer ()
void purgeSustainBuffer (int sustick)
void setLatchMode (bool)
void setMuted (bool)
void setSustain (bool, int)
void updateAttackTime (int)
void updatePattern (const QString &)
void updateQueueTempo (int)
void updateRandomLengthAmp (int)
void updateRandomTickAmp (int)
void updateRandomVelocityAmp (int)
void updateReleaseTime (int)
void updateTriggerMode (int val)


void nextStep (int patternIndex)

Public Member Functions

void addNote (int note, int velocity, int tick)
void foldReleaseTicks (int currentTick)
void getCurrentNote (int askedTick)
void getNextNote (int askedTick)
int getNextNoteTick ()
int getPressedNoteCount ()
void handleNoteOff (int note, int tick, int keep_rel)
void initArpTick (int currentTick)
bool isArp (snd_seq_event_t *evIn)
void newGrooveValues (int p_grooveTick, int p_grooveVelocity, int p_grooveLength)
void newRandomValues ()
void removeNote (int *noteptr, int tick, int keep_rel)
void run ()
bool wantTrigByKbd ()

Public Attributes

double attack_time
int channelOut
int chIn
bool hold
int indexIn [2]
bool isMuted
double len
QString pattern
int portOut
int randomLengthAmp
int randomTickAmp
int randomVelocityAmp
int rangeIn [2]
double release_time
int repeatPatternThroughChord
bool restartByKbd
int returnIsNew
int returnLength
QVector< int > returnNote
int returnTick
QVector< int > returnVelocity
double tempo
bool trigByKbd
double vel

Private Member Functions

bool advancePatternIndex (bool reset)
int clip (int value, int min, int max, bool *outOfRange)
void getNote (int *tick, int note[], int velocity[], int *length)
void initLoop ()
void updateNotes (int currentTick)

Private Attributes

int arpTick
bool chordMode
int currentLength
int currentNote [MAXCHORD]
int currentNoteTick
int currentTick
int currentVelocity [MAXCHORD]
int grooveIndex
int grooveLength
int grooveTick
int grooveVelocity
bool latch_mode
QVector< int > latchBuffer
QTimer * latchTimer
QMutex mutex
bool newCurrent
bool newNext
int nextLength
int nextNote [MAXCHORD]
int nextNoteTick
int nextVelocity [MAXCHORD]
int noteBufPtr
int noteCount
int noteIndex [MAXCHORD]
int noteOfs
int notes [2][4][MAXNOTES]
int octave
double old_attackfn [MAXNOTES]
int patternIndex
int patternLen
int patternMaxIndex
double queueTempo
int randomLength
int randomTick
int randomVelocity
bool sustain
QVector< int > sustainBuffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file midiarp.h.

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