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MainWindow Class Reference

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Public Slots

void arpNew ()
void fileNew ()
void fileOpen ()
void fileSave ()
void fileSaveAs ()
void helpAbout ()
void helpAboutQt ()
void jackSyncToggle (bool on)
void lfoNew ()
void midiClockToggle (bool on)
void recentFileActivated (QAction *)
void removeArp (int index)
void removeLfo (int index)
void removeSeq (int index)
void renameDock (const QString &name, int index)
void resetQueue ()
void seqNew ()
void setGUIforExtSync (bool on)
void setupRecentFilesMenu ()
void showMidiCCDialog ()
void signalAction (int)
void updatePatternPresets (const QString &n, const QString &p, int index)
void updateRunQueue (bool on)
void updateTempo (int tempo)


void newTempo (int)
void runQueue (bool)

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (int p_portCount)
void openFile (const QString &)
void openTextFile (const QString &)
void skipXmlElement (QXmlStreamReader &xml)

Public Attributes

QAction * addArpAction
QAction * addLfoAction
QAction * addSeqAction
QToolBar * controlToolBar
QAction * fileNewAction
QAction * fileOpenAction
QAction * fileQuitAction
QMenu * fileRecentlyOpenedFiles
QAction * fileSaveAction
QAction * fileSaveAsAction
QToolBar * fileToolBar
QAction * jackSyncAction
QAction * midiClockAction
QAction * runAction

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)

Private Member Functions

void addArp (const QString &)
void addLfo (const QString &)
void addRecentlyOpenedFile (const QString &fn, QStringList &lst)
void addSeq (const QString &)
void appendRecentlyOpenedFile (const QString &fn, QStringList &lst)
void checkIfFirstModule ()
void checkIfLastModule ()
bool checkRcFile ()
void chooseFile ()
void clear ()
bool installSignalHandlers ()
bool isModified ()
bool isSave ()
void readFilePartGlobal (QXmlStreamReader &xml)
void readFilePartGUI (QXmlStreamReader &xml)
void readFilePartModules (QXmlStreamReader &xml)
void readRcFile ()
bool saveFile ()
bool saveFileAs ()
bool saveTextFile ()
void updateWindowTitle ()
void writeRcFile ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void handleSignal (int)

Private Attributes

QString filename
QDockWidget * grooveWindow
QString lastDir
QDockWidget * logWindow
QDockWidget * passWindow
QStringList patternNames
QStringList patternPresets
QStringList recentFiles
bool seqEventLocked
QSpinBox * tempoSpin

Static Private Attributes

static int sigpipe [2]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file mainwindow.h.

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