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ArpWidget Class Reference

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Public Slots

void appendMidiCC (int ctrlID, int ccnumber, int channel, int min, int max)
void checkIfEnvelopeSet ()
void checkIfInputFilterSet ()
void checkIfRandomSet ()
void midiForgetMute ()
void midiForgetPresetSwitch ()
void midiLearnCancel ()
void midiLearnMute ()
void midiLearnPresetSwitch ()
void moduleDelete ()
void moduleRename ()
void openTextEditWindow (bool on)
void removeCurrentPattern ()
void removeMidiCC (int ctrlID, int ccnumber, int channel)
void selectPatternPreset (int)
void setEnvelopeVisible (bool on)
void setInputFilterVisible (bool on)
void setMuted (bool on)
void setRandomVisible (bool on)
void storeCurrentPattern ()
void updateAttackTime (int value)
void updateChannelOut (int value)
void updateChIn (int value)
void updateIndexIn (int value)
void updatePatternPresets (const QString &n, const QString &p, int index)
void updatePortOut (int value)
void updateRandomLengthAmp (int value)
void updateRandomTickAmp (int value)
void updateRandomVelocityAmp (int value)
void updateRangeIn (int value)
void updateReleaseTime (int value)
void updateRepeatPattern (int)
void updateText (const QString &newtext)
void updateTriggerMode (int)


void arpRemove (int ID)
void dockRename (const QString &name, int parentDockID)
void presetsChanged (const QString &, const QString &, int)
void setMidiLearn (int parentDockID, int ID, int controlID)

Public Member Functions

 ArpWidget (MidiArp *p_midiWorker, int portCount, bool compactStyle, QWidget *parent=0)
MidiArpgetMidiWorker ()
bool isModified ()
void loadPatternPresets ()
void readData (QXmlStreamReader &xml)
void readDataText (QTextStream &arpText)
void setChannelOut (int value)
void setChIn (int value)
void setIndexIn (int index, int value)
void setModified (bool)
void setPortOut (int value)
void setRangeIn (int index, int value)
void skipXmlElement (QXmlStreamReader &xml)
void writeData (QXmlStreamWriter &xml)
void writeDataText (QTextStream &arpText)

Public Attributes

QVector< MidiCCccList
int ID
QCheckBox * muteOut
QString name
int parentDockID
QStringList patternNames
QStringList patternPresets

Private Attributes

QAction * cancelMidiLearnAction
QSpinBox * channelOut
QSpinBox * chIn
QAction * deleteAction
QGroupBox * envelopeBox
QSpinBox * indexIn [2]
QLabel * indexInLabel
QGroupBox * inputFilterBox
QAction * latchModeAction
QToolButton * latchModeButton
bool modified
QComboBox * patternPresetBox
QLineEdit * patternText
QSpinBox * portOut
QGroupBox * randomBox
QSpinBox * rangeIn [2]
QLabel * rangeInLabel
QAction * renameAction
QComboBox * repeatPatternThroughChord
QAction * textEditAction
QToolButton * textEditButton
QAction * textRemoveAction
QToolButton * textRemoveButton
QAction * textStoreAction
QToolButton * textStoreButton
QComboBox * triggerMode

Detailed Description

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