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ArpData Class Reference

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Public Slots

void handleController (int ccnumber, int channel, int value)
void runQueue (bool)
void setCompactStyle (bool on)
void setMidiLearn (int moduleWindowID, int moduleID, int controlID)
void setModified (bool)
void updatePatternPresets (const QString &n, const QString &p, int index)

Public Member Functions

void addArpWidget (ArpWidget *arpWidget)
void addLfoWidget (LfoWidget *lfoWidget)
void addMidiArp (MidiArp *midiArp)
void addMidiLfo (MidiLfo *midiLfo)
void addMidiSeq (MidiSeq *midiSeq)
void addModuleWindow (QDockWidget *moduleWindow)
void addSeqWidget (SeqWidget *seqWidget)
 ArpData (QWidget *parent=0)
ArpWidgetarpWidget (int index)
int arpWidgetCount ()
int getAlsaClientId ()
int getPortCount ()
bool isModified ()
LfoWidgetlfoWidget (int index)
int lfoWidgetCount ()
MidiArpmidiArp (int index)
int midiArpCount ()
MidiLfomidiLfo (int index)
int midiLfoCount ()
MidiSeqmidiSeq (int index)
int midiSeqCount ()
QDockWidget * moduleWindow (int index)
int moduleWindowCount ()
void registerPorts (int num)
void removeArpWidget (ArpWidget *arpWidget)
void removeLfoWidget (LfoWidget *lfoWidget)
void removeMidiArp (MidiArp *midiArp)
void removeMidiLfo (MidiLfo *midiLfo)
void removeMidiSeq (MidiSeq *midiSeq)
void removeModuleWindow (QDockWidget *moduleWindow)
void removeSeqWidget (SeqWidget *seqWidget)
SeqWidgetseqWidget (int index)
int seqWidgetCount ()
void updateIDs (int curID)

Public Attributes


Private Attributes

QList< ArpWidget * > arpWidgetList
QList< LfoWidget * > lfoWidgetList
bool midi_mutable
QList< MidiArp * > midiArpList
bool midiLearnFlag
int midiLearnID
int midiLearnModuleID
int midiLearnWindowID
QList< MidiLfo * > midiLfoList
QList< MidiSeq * > midiSeqList
bool modified
QList< QDockWidget * > moduleWindowList
int mute_ccnumber
int portCount
QList< SeqWidget * > seqWidgetList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file arpdata.h.

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